20-YO Indian Girl Wanted To Kill Herself Because She’s Pregnant..But The Internet Saved Her

Sometimes..Internet Can Save People

Over 615,000 teens between 15 and 20 become pregnant each year, teen pregnancy is at all time high. With nearly 6% of girls aged 15–19 become pregnant each year. But how many of them get proper advice and guidance? With too many teens from around the globe give up on their lives because they’re too scared to share their secret with the world. But can any reason be a good enough reason for someone to commit suicide? 

A 20-something from India shared an image of her pregnancy test on Snapchat. She shared it with The Artidote – a place that tells stories, empathises, bonds and heals through art.

I’m only 20 and the boy who knocked me up isn’t even my boyfriend I’m so scared I think I’ll OD tonight so I don’t bring shame to my family.” she wrote. 

The girl shared an image of her test with the admin of the page on Snapchat and wrote that she was wanting to OD(overdose) that night because she didn’t want to bring shame to her family.

Jovanny Varela-Ferreyra, the admin of the page, who has heard many similar stories in the past, did not take this lightly. And shared it on his page. He has posted and shared several stories of healing through compassion and love. His page, The Artidote, regularly teaches people how to love themselves, fight the pain, and enjoy life as it is.

Which is exactly what he did. He shared her story and within minutes, LOVE from around the world poured in. Take a look.

#1 South Africa


#2 New Delhi


#3. With Love From Australia


#4 Starwishsonata


#5 Kuwait

Positive Teen Pregnancy Stories

These people were willing to help this girl who’s miles away from them, never met before, total strangers. Why? Because at the end of the day, love matters.

#6 India


The admin replied…

Upon finding that so many people from different countries and different walks of life are supporting her decision, the girl finally decided to come clean about this to her parents.

The Delhi girl


Inspirational teen pregnancy stories

Jovanny congratulated everyone in the group for their support & shared her post with them.

She shared another update with the group saying her mother was taking her to the gynaecologist and that they’ll start the procedure soon.

Let’s take a moment and thank everyone out there who’s ever helped a stranger.

Share this story. It could save someone’s life.


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