Extreme Wisdom Tooth Reaction vs First Periods

One video where Jon gets his wisdom teeth taken out and is scared Isis is behind the whole thing. And another one shows a girl on her first period and her male friends freak out.

These two clearly shows the current generations that are growing up. The teen throws tantrum when his mum removed the Gauze pad. He was so delusional that the gauze pad was mistaken for his tongue.

Like, he never gave a second thought how could he shout at the top of his voice if his tongue was removed?? SMH

Well, the other video does no good either. Women have been dealing with their menstrual cycles since, well, forever. Ask them about their first time, they have some pretty ‘not’ interesting stuff to tell. Talk about teenage boys seeing their female friends mensurating.

I Want My Tongue Back !!

These hilarious videos shows the two stages of teenage - boys and girls

In the video, the guy really calls 911 when she complaints of contractions. And breaks down when his dad tells him it’s just the lining of her internal organs flushing out, he freaks out! This is probably the greatest reason FOR teaching sex ed.

At least the oldest boy should know more about a period then both of them, but, well, he just wants to plug it with random stuffs he finds in the kitchen.

This video clip is from the movie – Movie 43, weirdest but funniest movie ever. You’ll be saying wtf the whole way through.

Watch Till The End

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