Why These Foods Were Awarded As The World’s Most Disgusting

From semi-developed DUCK embryo boiled alive to BULL testicles to pancakes made from blood, these foods can turn you upside down. Here are the latest from bizarre foods from the world.

1. Baluts

Location: Asian countries like  Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc


Disgusting Food #1

These are developed duck embryo that are boiled and served with the full egg. The consumers have to break open the shell and eat it. This may not be famous like the sushi, but people definitely try it out when they visit south-west Asian region. It is a local delicacy in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and neighbouring countries. Often seasoned with chilli, garlic and vinegar served with beer, this may not be your usual side dish. All the contents of the food is consumed include the wings and beak.

2. Casu Marzu

Location: Italy

Disgusting food

Disgusting food #2

Also known as rotten cheese, is a traditional sheep milk cheese from Italy. The cheese makers set the cheese outside and let it rot, allowing the cheese flies to lay eggs on it. Once hatched, the larvae break down the fat and ferment it. This gives it a smooth texture once consumed. This type of cheese was banned from selling and only available in the black market. But later it was declared a traditional food and available freely.

3. Thousand Year Old Egg

Location: China

thousand years of egg

Disgusting food #4

Made by preserving the eggs in a mixture of ash, salt, quicklime and clay for several weeks or even months. Through the process, the yoke becomes a pale dark green while the egg white becomes a dark brown translucent jelly. As weird as the looks and colour are, the taste too is not that simple. The yoke get’s a creamy consistency with a flavour of ammonia while the egg white gets salty soft jelly. It is said that the first timers need not necessarily be a fan of this food.


4. Bloodplatter

Location: Sweden

blood pancake

Disgusting food

These are blood pancakes made from pork blood, milk, flour, dark molasses, onion and butter. It’s similar to black pudding although it’s thinner and more crispy and often cooked in a frying pan. And the pancakes are usually served with fried pork or reindeer meat.

5. Hakarl

Location: Iceland


disgusting food

It is supposedly shark meat that is fermented and dried for 4 to 5 months before consumption. The particular shark that is used for this is the SLEEPER shark. Rotten shark may sound disgusting, but if the sleeper shark is eaten in it’s fresh form it may turn poisonous. By allowing it to ferment and dry, the poison is removed from the meat and it becomes edible. Consumers may have to get past the ammonia and fishy smell to have this chewy food.


6. Baby Mice Wine

Location: Korea

disgusting food baby mice wine

disgusting food #6

Technically a food, what’s a better way to eat your fish with some nice mice wine. Yes, you heard it, Mice Wine. In many parts of the country this in consumed on a regular basis. Baby mice wine is a traditional Chinese and Korean health tonic which tastes like raw gasoline. Little mice; eyes still closed are plucked from their mothers and stuffed while still alive in a bottle. *wtf*




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